Focused Solutions for Success


Goose Creek Consulting is focused on custom solutions that help our clients. Our vision is to redefine help through applying creative and sometimes non-traditional solutions to vexing problems.

We have provided more than 11,000 hours of coaching to consumer, private sector and public sector clients. We have supported change management, employee engagement and conflict resolution efforts. We have facilitated more than 100 meetings for clients and collected qualitative and quantitative data  to help organizations improve their effectiveness.

We are coaches, facilitators, consultants, program managers and project managers. Our areas of expertise are in leadership development, change management, coaching and facilitation.

Our core values are helping, creativity, collaboration and fun.

Our culture and our flat organization promotes collaboration and contributions from every level of our organization. Whether you are an entry level employee or a senior management consultant, there is a place for your ideas at the table. In addition to our 20 employees, we use a cadre of 61 subcontractors to support our efforts to ensure that we have the breadth and depth to support our client's needs

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